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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:31 am 
HI..my name is Brad and this is a true story that I have never told before but I thought you may like it. My mom and dad had gotten a divorce years ago when I was very small. Dad had custody of me since my mom was declared an unfit mother because she was basically the neighborhood slut. Dad had caught her fucking guys several times and once I even walked in on her when I came home from school early.

Dad and I did just fine though and what I'm about to tell you happened when I was in high school. I got home one Friday night after going to the high school football game and since it was nearly midnight, I took off my clothes, except my underwear and sat on the sofa, watching some TV. Dad wasn't home and I suppose he was out with friends or something.

I fell asl**p on the sofa during the movie and expected dad to wake me up when he got in. I don't know how long I was out but I heard some noise coming from the kitchen and then heard him walking across the floor toward me. I don't know why but I pretended to be asl**p, probably because I didn't want to have to get up and I was fine sl**ping right there. I felt dad sit down next to me and felt him nudge me, like he wanted me to get up. He then in a whisper, asked me if I was asl**p. I just faked sl**ping, thinking he would just go to bed. I could smell some liquor on him too but that wasn't unusual with dad. He nudged me again and I didn't respond. The next thing I heard was what sounded like his zipper coming down and some ...

shuffling around next to me. I could tell he was getting undressed because I heard his belt buckle open and his pants falling to the floor. I started to open my eyes but didn't and that's when I felt his arm moving up and down and I realized that dad must have been jerking off! I mean, he was right next to me and even though the room was pitch black, I was surprised by it and the fact that he didn't care. That's when I got nervous that if I did tell him I was awake, he would be pissed and I would look like a jerk! I just laid there for a few minutes knowing that my dad was right next to me spanking the monkey! I was curious about it so I pretended to shift my position a little, hoping to catch a glimpse of what he was doing.

I opened my eyes just a little bit and squinted to see. That's when I saw my dad's cock sticking straight up, hard as a rock and the head was bigger than my balls, I swear it! He kept slowly stroking it and I felt a sudden urge to see it more than I really should have. I repositioned myself for a better view, still pretending to be asl**p but now I could see him really good. Dad started fondling his own balls now and I felt him reach over toward me. I had my underwear on and his touch ran along my waist line and then he ran his finger down toward my crotch and then across my cotton covered ball sack and cock! His touch was electrifying and for some strange reason, it felt good although I felt like it shouldn't, him being my own dad and everything.

I gently parted ...
my legs just a bit and then felt him gently squeeze my hardening cock and balls. I know it was wrong but I really enjoyed it and wanted more but I was afraid to say anything since I was "asl**p" as far as he was concerned. dad kept his hand there for several minutes, gently massaging my cock and balls and he had to feel me getting hard by now! I knew what I wanted at this point and I was certain he wanted to take it farther so again, I opened my legs even farther, hoping he would "take the bait" and do a little more! As I hoped, he moved his hand up to my waistband and slipped his warm hand inside my underwear. He moved it back down toward my crotch and when I felt his skin against mine, I thought I would bust a nut right there. He gently placed his fingers around the shaft of my cock and slowly rubbed and stroked it.

Every few seconds, he would move it down to my balls and rub them a few times before returning to my cock for more stroking. I was still "feigning" sl**p but I figured that he and I both knew by now that I wasn't asl**p at all but we were just pretending that I didn't know what he was doing. Dad was still masturbating while he did this and finally, I decided to reach over to him. I still kept my eyes closed the whole time but when I touched his huge cock member, I felt him jerk just a second and then he relaxed. I started stroking dads cock up and down and now we were both jerking each other off! We remained this way for several minutes when I felt him move ...

again and this time even closer to me. The next thing I noticed was his hot breath on my cock and then his lips rubbing over the head. It was awesome feeling this and something about my own fathers mouth on my cock was getting me hotter than ever before. His lips parted and I felt his warm wet mouth circle the head and then push down over that and along the shaft! I could hear him breathing heavily and his body movements told me he was enjoying this as much as me! Dad licked and sucked every inch of my cock and he would every few seconds lick along my ball sack and the space between my asshole and balls.

I still pretended to be asl**p the whole time figuring that we could both do whatever without actually admitting to what was happening...if THAT makes sense! I knew that I wanted to suck him off by now so I positioned myself so he could use my mouth without saying so. Once I had moved, he knew what to do and when his huge cock touched my waiting lips, I couldn't help but open them for him and let him use it how he saw fit. When he first pushed it in my mouth, I could taste what I thought may be cum but it seemed to be probably pre-cum. I started sucking and licking it and I licked up and down his shaft like he had done to me! His balls were huge and I took each one in my mouth and suckled them like he had done to me.

Dad started pushing his member in and out of my mouth like he was fucking it! The entire time, I kept one hand on his cock and was jerking him off as fast as I ...
could! By now, we both knew I was awake and dad asked me to lay back on the sofa and spread my legs for him. Without saying a single word, I did as told and dad pulled my underwear completely off, exposing my naked body to him. Then, I watched as dad lowered his cock into my waiting young mouth! I was sucking and licking him like mad and at the same time, Dad was rubbing my cock and balls and I knew that we were now going to do some things I had never thought I would do! Dad put his cock in my open mouth and rubbed it all around inside, he would pull it out and slap my face with it too but after dad used my mouth a few minutes, he told me to pull my legs back over my head as far as I could. I did it and now, my ass was totally exposed and ready for him to see.

Dad leaned down and I felt his tongue run up and down my crack and then center on my virgin hole. He swirled it around the rim and then he would stick it inside and do the same. It was the best feeling I had ever had and I thought I was going to cum right there on top of his head! Dad did this for several minutes until my hole was soaking wet from his saliva! Dad raised back up and was above me with his huge hard cock sticking straight out! He told me to relax and that everything was going to be just fine. I took his cock and pressed it against my tight pink hole and I knew right then that he was going to fuck me! The pressure at first was extreme and I thought I would faint for a second or two. He kept telling me what ...

a good boy I was and for me to just relax till he got it in me! It was hard to do and honestly, it hurt at first! The massive head was the hardest part but after that entered me, I was pretty much easy going! He slipped the rest of it inside of me and started fucking me like he would a woman! He felt really good in me by now and I wanted to experience what it would feel like for him to cum in my ass! Dad pounded me for about 10 minutes and I thought my hole would rip apart but it felt so good, I didn't want him to stop! Finally, I felt him tense up and I knew he was going to blow a load! That turned me on even more and when he came, I felt a rush of warm liquid release inside my ass and then his cock get incredibly slippery!

I knew then that dad had cum in my ass and I was excited to feel him do it! Dad pulled out of me and pushed his cock in my mouth! I tasted my first cum right then and there and even though it was mixed with my ass juice, it was great and made me even harder if that was possible! I licked it clean and I even licked his cum from his ball sack that had run down over it. Dad laid back on the sofa and told me that now it was my turn to cum! As I sat next to him, he placed his hand around my hard cock and started stroking it, slowly at first, but then he got faster and faster! I could feel myself start to cum and he must have known it too because he placed his open mouth over my cock and I shot a huge load directly in dad's mouth! I could barely hold still it ...

felt so good and I could sense my cum spurting over and over again into dad's warm wet mouth! He sucked and licked till I was spent and when he raised up, I noticed that some of it was running down his chin so I leaned over and placed my lips over his and he and I kissed for the first time! I could feel and taste my own cum mixed with his saliva and it was awesome! Dad raised up and sat next to me and we both fell asl**p! The next morning, we showered together and did some more fun stuff! Now, we do all sorts of things together and he has even brought friends home for me to meet and play with!

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