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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:38 am 
From the Sister's Perspective:

I was sleeping peacefully in my dimly lit bedroom.
The sheet was pulled from my nearly nude body and
strong hands were on me, rolling me roughly from my
back onto my stomach. I awakened to the tearing sound
of duct tape being wound around my head, covering my
mouth and eyes. I tried to scream to alert my brother
in the very next room, but my attacker pulled my right
arm much too high behind my back. His unspoken message
was clear: be quiet and quit squirming unless you want
a broken arm. I relaxed, and so did he, lowering my
arm and securing it to my other wrist with more tape.
Then another rip as my panties are torn from my body.

My ankles are pulled apart, and I feel them being
tied to the foot of the bed, probably with the stretchy
"ace" bandage I had left on the dresser. One ankle is
tied, and then there is a momentary pause as the ban-
dage is run underneath the overhang at the foot of the
waterbed. Then the other leg is securely tied with my
ankles about two feet apart. A feeling of total help-
lessness washes over me.

My assailant then climbs onto the bed, placing his
knees outside my shoulders, sitting back on his calves.
His crotch is in my face, and I suddenly realize that
he too is naked. I was about to be RAPED!!!! I began
to squirm and struggle and was immediately rewarded
with a stinging sensation on my buttocks as he began to
whip me, probably with his belt. WWHACK! WHACK! WHACK!
WHACK! I stopped struggling. Surely my brother would
hear the sound of leather striking my skin. Surely he
would come to my rescue. But it better be soon. My
assailants cock was growing erect as it rubbed against
my face, and suddenly the whipping stopped as he forced
my mouth to open, pulling the tape away from my lips.
Before I could even gasp, the awful penis filled my

I surrendered, knowing that I had no choice. His
penis slid in deep, and both of his hands went to my
head, forcing it still deeper. I began to suspect that
he was going to force it all the way down my throat,
and I began to swallow hard to control my gag reflex.
I considered clamping down hard with my teeth, but what
if this still left him enough energy to kill me. After
all, I was still tied up, still right in front of him.
Since I could do nothing to stop him, I concentrated on
giving the worst blowjob possible. Part of me wanted
to suck him off quickly and get it over with, but the
thought of him cumming in my mouth was just too humili-
ating to face. My lips pressed against the shaft, but
only because they were stretched tightly by its girth,
not through any effort on my part. And my tongue re-
mained motionless against the bottom of my mouth, even
though I knew I was supposed to make use of it. Still,
he seemed to be enjoying it, and the deep thrusting was
replaced by shallow, almost gentle in and out strokes.
Meanwhile, his hands left my head and began running
down my back and finally kneading, massaging, and
spreading my whipped ass cheeks. One finger began trac-
ing up and down inside the crevice, making me very
uncomfortable, but there was no way for me to protest
with my mouth full of hot cock.

The thought of this stranger cumming in my mouth was
too humiliating to bear, but what was to happen instead
was even worse. He pulled out and inserted my torn and
wadded up panties. I heard him tear off more duct tape
and use two overlapped pieces to hold the fabric in

Then he moved behind me and I felt my buttocks be-
ing pulled apart, the fingers running gently up and
down the crevice from the sparse hair of my vaginal
cleft to the small of my back several times, smearing
his spit in my crack until it was slick. He had spit
into the crevice several times as I reeled from the
degradation. Then one finger stopped right on the bulls
eye of my anus. I screamed as he rammed it all the way
in and began twisting it while he brutally thrust in
and out. My yell of agony was lost in the bunched up
panties and the tight tape that covered my mouth. Soon
another finger joined the first, and when they were
both buried deep, I felt him spread them, testing the
elasticity of my throbbing rectum. When he yanked them
out, I sighed with momentary relief.

He lay down on top of me, scooting under my useless
arms so that his chest was pressed directly against my
back. I again felt a hard probing pressure against my
butthole, and gasped in horror as I realized that both
his hands were now on my buttocks, spreading them
apart. It must be his cock this time! Even his finger
probing had stretched me too much back there! I could
never take his cock! I began to squirm again, but with
his full weight on me, I could barely move. Suddenly I
froze; paralyzed with unbearable agony as his oversized
cock surged all the way to the root in the virginal
tunnel of my ass with one cruel buttock-flattening
thrust. Then, grinding his hips cruelly against my ass,
he managed to gain yet another painful inch.

He started to force it in and out, slowly at first,
but gradually picking up speed as my spit slick anus
relaxed and stretched to accommodate the unwelcome
invader. The thrusts were long and hard, ramming all
the way to the balls, then withdrawing to the tip as
he worked his way toward the inevitable orgasm. After
what seemed like forever, he began fucking even harder,
and his cock began to throb and expand, stretching my
tortured rectum still further. Suddenly, with one final
thrust he buried it deep inside me and came, filling my
rectum with huge gobs of hot semen.

I was humiliated but relieved that it was finally
over as he slowly removed his penis. I realized my
relief was premature as he pushed one finger in and
pulled it out, and then two, and then three. "NO MORE
STRETCHING!" I wanted to shout as I felt him putting
pressure on FOUR bunched up fingers. I knew he couldn't
hear my protests so I instead bit helplessly into the
gag as the four fingers entered my horribly violated
body. I suddenly realized that he was trying to force
his whole hand up my ass! When he pulled back again,
I knew that this was it! He curled the fingers as
tightly together as he could and began pushing HARD.
"N000000000!!!" I groaned as he began making headway.
Suddenly, the widest part of his hand slid past and
my whole body began to writhe and convulse in agony as
my anus snapped snugly around his thick wrist. He then
began to twist his fist back and forth causing the
aching sphincter muscle to lose its grip on his wrist.
Then he thrust in and out a few times before finally
ending the assault.

The room spun, my mind reeled, and I passed out.
When I awoke several hours later, my first thought was
that it must have been a bad dream, but the dull, con-
stant throbbing in my butt told me the awful truth. I
knew I must not tell anyone of the event. My parents
(who were out of town) might blame my brother for not
protecting me. And of course, he would blame himself
as well. Time would heal my wounds and after all, it
could have been worse. I'd heard of some women being
raped by multiple assailants. That would truly be hell.

Raping my twin sister.-Brother's Perspective

After strutting around all day in her new bikini, her
ass hanging out, driving me nutso, she finally got
ready for bed. I peeked at her through the hole in the
wall as she dried off after her shower, and I too head-
ed for bed, but couldn't sleep. The throbbing in my
loins from thinking about what I wanted to do to her
and ALL beautiful girls prevented me from sleeping. Why
don't girls understand this need? Why must I mastur-
bate every night? God I needed relief! After fanta-
sizing for another hour or so, I walked toward her
room. I just needed a glimpse of her in her new 'angels
underwear she'd been wearing to bed lately. (God what
I want to do to those supermodels from Victoria's

What color would she have on tonight? Powder blue?
Soft green? Pink? I have to push the door open slowly
(otherwise it squeaks) and to my intense disappointment
she's covered! Covered with a sheet! Christ, It's 90*
out! As my eyes adjusted to the moonlit room, I real-
ized it was a very light sheet. Maybe if I took a
couple of steps into the room, I could see the outline
of her bra through the sheet. Yes, the sheet was
clinging to her bosom, and I could see her nipples! She
wasn't wearing a bra! I couldn't take it anymore! I
grabbed a roll of duct tape from my room, and rushed
back into hers, yanked the sheet off her and rolled her

I gripped her face from behind as I ran the roll of
tape around her head a few times, covering her eyes and
mouth. I pulled her flailing arms behind her back, and
cuffed them together with more tape. Although she had
been topless, she wasn't entirely nude. I had to re-
move her panties, just plain white ones. I was plan-
ning to tie her feet down with panty hose from her
dresser, but I spotted a roll of ace bandage she had
laying around from when she sprained her knee last
winter. So I used that instead.

My erection had faded from all this exertion, so I
figured I'd put it in her mouth for a minute. Since I
couldn't intimidate her with verbal threats (otherwise
she'd recognize my voice) I began whipping her ass with
a belt that had been hanging on her closet door. Just
to let her know I wasn't kidding around. The sight of
her perfect buns quivering under my assault caused my
dick to swell up again, and I pried the tape off of her
mouth and slid inside. Her virgin mouth was a perfect
match for my virgin cock. Had she been more experi-
enced at cocksucking, I probably would have came im-
mediately. As it was, I was able to slide in and out
for a while without blowing my load into her, which was
good, because I had a tighter hole in mind.

I re-taped her mouth when I was finished with it,
this time inserting her panties first to further help
muffle the screams I knew were imminent.

I swabbed some saliva into her rear opening, pressing
it in with my fingers. God it was tight! I felt the
squeezing ring cutting off the circulation to my index
finger, making it tingle. I had to stretch it out a
little, or my cock would never fit. I stuck two
fingers in at once, scouring and stretching the little
hole in preparation for the still greater entry to
come. Soon I could wait no longer. I lay flat onto her
back, imposing myself under her bound arms. Then I
pulled her cheeks aside, fitting the throbbing head of
my member directly against her moist star. Then I
rammed as hard as I could, knowing that it would take
brute force to open her up that much. Once the muscle
gave way around the head, the shaft followed and I was
in all the way. God she was hot inside and my pelvis
felt great against her soft buttocks. I pressed still
harder against her, just to make sure I was in all the
way. Then I began to fuck.

I didn't take long before I felt the contents of my
nuts begin the long delicious journey up my shaft, ex-
ploding deep inside her. It was all I could do to keep
from screaming out her name (or Tyra's, or Christie's,
or Kathy's, or Amber's) Yes, this was much better than

I wanted to do more. Over all, I suppose it was a
pretty good rape considering it was my first time, but
it didn't seem like I had done enough to her. Isn't
that the point of taking a girl by force, to make her
a little more humble? I'd heard of a thing called
"fist fucking" where a guy tries to put his whole hand
into one of a girls holes, right up to the wrist. I
didn't see how that could be possible, considering how
tight her ass had been. (Pussies must certainly be
more elastic, seeing as that's where babies have to
come out. But I didn't feel right about messing with
her pussy. To much like incest.) Anyway, I began
stretching her poor asshole again, one finger at a time
until I had the tips of all five in.

Once again I had to resort to brute force to push the
biggest part of my hand in, and again, I could tell she
didn't really like it too much. But in it went, and I
felt the abused ring snap tightly onto my wrist. Now
the damn hellhole was cutting off the circulation to my
whole hand. I moved around for a little while, and
then yanked back out, watching the red ring slowly
reseal itself. She had quit moving by then, but was
breathing very peacefully. How could someone fall
asleep while being fist fucked up the ass? Oh well,
she'd had quite an ordeal, so I removed all the bind-
ing, pulled her sheet back up, and left her to sleep.

It was cool to know I was the only one in town to
have buttfucked the homecoming queen. It was even
cooler to know I was probably the only 17-year-old in
the history of our town to have had a rectum clamped
onto his right hand. But still, it feels like I should
have done more. So maybe next time Mom and Dad are out
of town, I'll invited a couple of my friends from the
football team over to help me play with my sister.

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